“Thank you for your time, your efforts, your patience and most of all, thank you for providing such an amazing support with one of the most significant steps in life! You have made it really a pleasant experience and definitely less stressful then we thought it would be. We are more than satisfied. We feel we received a very professional and personal service, which helped us a lot in our major step to purchase our first apartment.”
Georgetown Condo Buyers

“We really appreciated the time Greg and Christina spent educating us on the process of buying our first home. It really helped ‘demystify’ things and provide a sense of comfort around what is, in all reality, and extremely complicated and potentially scary process. “

Silver Spring Home Buyers

“We were very impressed by Greg and Christina’s thorough professionalism — and charmed by their enthusiasm and friendliness!  Even though Greg and Christina were our agents for purchasing a home in DC, when we ran into some snags selling our house in Texas they stepped right up to help clarify the situation.  They offered some unexpected but much appreciated help at a great distance.  The lender referrals they gave us were also very efficient.   It’s hard to imagine an improvement [in their service]– they surpassed our expectations.”

Mount Pleasant Condo Buyers

“I am extremely satisfied with my purchase and I that is the direct result of good planning from the very beginning.  Early in the process Greg had me fill out a two-column worksheet listing all my needs and wants in a new home.  I think this exercise was invaluable for two reasons:  first, it ensured that Greg was only going to show me homes that reflected most of my needs/wants; and second, it allowed me to quantify the attributes of each location in a comparative way and pick the place that best met my goals.

I think Greg shined at the beginning and the end of the process.  I was rather naïve to the whole home-buying process and Greg was very good at explaining in an easy to understand way, how everything worked.  He gave me the confidence at the very beginning that I was working with a professional that was interested in making me comfortable through the home buying process.  Similarly, at the end of the process, Greg was great in coordinating with the lender, settlement attorney, and the seller’s agent to negotiate a settlement structure that met my best interests.”
Capitol Hill Condo Buyer

“Guys, all we can say is ‘WOW!’  If there was an award for “best use of an hour” or “best first impression” you guys would take the cake!  We both walked away from today’s consultation very thrilled to have found you and felt a huge sigh of confidence and empowerment.”

Virginia Town Home Buyers

“Greg and Christina provided exceptionally personalized service and infused the experience of selling our home with warmth and high attention to detail.  The quality of the virtual tour was superb (our house never looked so good!), and they excelled at providing guidance during the negotiation process as well. From their initial presentation through closing, they exuded intelligence and a passionate commitment to making the process as positive as possible for all involved.  Greg and Christina are a fabulous team with complementary strengths. They really make you feel taken care of during the process of selling your home.”

Adams Morgan Row Home Sellers

“My uncle is a Realtor in PA and did some research to find us the right match in Washington, DC. He couldn’t have picked a better fit for us!

Greg & Christina showed us many great condos. It was nice to be in a position of having multiple units to choose from. Every place they showed us met our style & price range. Also, they put together our offer quickly and continuously followed up with the seller’s agent to keep us informed. Even after we closed, they were helpful with other requests/questions regarding our new condo.

With many external factors that were beyond our control, Greg & Christina responded to all of our needs as the situation changed. They were able to handle the unexpected and to keep us informed about what was ahead.

We would definitely recommend Greg & Christina to anyone we know that is looking to buy a home in DC. They made the home search an enjoyable experience. The first day we met with Greg he told us that searching for a home should be fun, and he definitely lived up to his statement!

We closed on our unit in October of 2009 and we still regularly stay in touch with Greg and Christina!”
Logan Circle New Construction Condo Buyers

“The Tindale Real Estate team is excellent! Christina went above and beyond in making sure that my home buying process went smoothly. Christina took extra time to make sure I understood every step along the way, and to ensure that I felt comfortable with my decision.

Greg and Christina are very knowledgeable about the communities and housing trends in Washington, DC. Christina took me to a number of fantastic properties before we found the perfect one. From the home search, to the negotiations, to the final closing, Christina was a supportive partner to me. On a personal level, Christina is a considerate person with strong values. She cares about her community and her environment, and treats her professional and personal associations with kindness and respect. I look forward to staying in touch with Greg and Christina, and to working with them again in the future.”
Columbia Heights Condo Buyer

“Greg Tindale is an excellent Realtor. Greg is a savvy professional, who is both a shrewd negotiator as well as an expert on the DC area real estate market.

I closed on my first home today, and am proud to report Greg was a true asset to the buying process. I was very appreciative that Greg’s prework led to virtually every home I visited being pretty close to what I was looking for. The last thing you want when buying a property is having your time wasted looking at places that barely (or do not at all) fit your search parameters. Greg’s selection of homes to look at all fit my price range, location, and wants. In the end I found an awesome place, and the search process was as painless as can be. Greg was also very knowledgeable about the local market when it came time to prepare an offer. We looked very closely at some comps and ultimately reached a very aggressive and fair price for my first home. It is helpful to work with someone who is truly an expert on the local market. I also appreciated that Greg checks in on every step of the process, including a few weeks after we had a contract, but had yet to go to settlement. I recommend Greg without reservation to anyone looking for a knowledgeable, ultra-professional, and fun real estate agent.”
Kensington Condo Buyer

“The new place is great – I absolutely love it and I’m really happy with everything.  I’m mostly settled in, and it’s everything I was looking for.  I can’t thank you enough for all the help you gave me in finding and closing on this place.”

West End Condo Buyer

One of our favorite post-settlement surveys:

How satisfied are you with results your Home purchase?
As geeky as it sounds, every night as I drift to sleep I speak a word of gratefulness for this home.

How satisfied are you with the service you received?

Greg and Christina provided outstanding service, beyond my expectation. At every turn, they provided every piece of information I needed to make informed decisions. When they didn’t have an answer…. they always got one!  They presented options, expanded my horizons, dealt with the realities of what I could afford and stretched them to locate the home I have now. Above all, I was the beneficiary of their calm approach to finding and purchasing a home.

Please rate the service you received on a scale of 1 – 5, with 1 being poor service and 5 being exceptional service.

5+++ | Along with the excellent service, they brought calm, professional, and insightful presence that simplified every stage of the process.


Of greatest importance to me, Greg and Christina approached me in the context of a relationship, not just a buyer. When we first spoke about working together, I told Greg that my goal was to have a peaceful purchasing experience for everyone involved. Greg responded that this was their philosophy and additionally, if there was ever a time when the process was not fun for all then we could have a conversation about how to turn that around!

Throughout the process Greg and Christina worked to learn of my history, to try and better understand what type of place would best suit me. They presented the options and then expanded the horizon to options I had not considered. I came to better understand myself through some of their questions!

On some of our drives to view properties we discussed everything from philosophy to contemporary music. It was a delightful process and I consider Greg and Christina friends. I have a great comfort level calling them with questions now. They were invited celebrities at my house blessing. My experience was peaceful and actually fun. Imagined horror stories never materialized.

Informed Decision Making

I had been searching on my own for about six months in anticipation of purchasing new a home. I was astonished when Greg sent me his first email link with 10-15 potential purchases that met my criteria. I had been scrounging for hours all over the internet… and with a single click, Greg provided solid choices to review side by side and then offered his input for discussion. Hours of time were saved before my actual search began. I can actually say that the search process was more simple than I ever imagined.

Was there an aspect of Greg and Christina’s service that they did extremely well?

Among the many aspects of the outstanding service I will highlight one: attention to detail

Part of my purchasing experience was handled while overseas. At one point when I was overwhelmed by the thought of scheduling three separate events while preparing to head out of the country, Greg said, “Why don’t you let me schedule them?” and literally in 15 minutes I had an email establishing appointments with every party involved.

Through email… Greg went above and beyond the call of duty to work with stateside participants on my behalf. With any issue, Greg’s response was, “Let me check into that.” and within hours there would be an email with options for a resolution.

While back in the US, Greg would drop by my office with paperwork that we would sign in the parking lot or handle a phone call to a loan officer, or show up at the property to meet with and inspector. My worst concerns about the intricacies of the purchase never materialized due to the detailed attention provided by Greg and Christina.

Was there an aspect of Greg and Christina’s service that they can improve on?

I do not have an area to note for improvement

If a friend, family member or neighbor was buying or selling a home, how likely are you to recommend Greg and Christina’s service to others?

I have already recommended them to a number of friends who are considering purchasing a home. In fact, one friend who had already purchased a home  jokingly said, “We are thinking about selling our house and buying it again just so we can work with Greg and Christina!

Do you have any general comments about Greg and Christina’s service?

If you have the opportunity to work alongside Greg and Christina… do it, and enjoy the process!”

Brightwood Condo Buyer