Why I love working with Entrepreneurs

Last night, I attended the Last Hurrah Party at the Adams Morgan location of the Affinity Lab.  The event was populated with mostly past or present members who have started their own company or non-profit.  Entrepreneurs are great people and great clients.  They can see an opportunity and are ready to pull the trigger on a big decision.  Everyday, entrepreneurs assess the needs and wants of their clients.  Once it comes to buying their own home, they can look at the purchase removed from the crazy storm of emotions that come up when buying a home. (and trust me, it can be a crazy storm of emotions)  Finally, entrepreneurs in DC, for the most part, are good people working on worthwhile projects.  They can see that a system or product is broken and they want to fix it.  It is great to be around people who are interested in solving problems instead of creating them.  We are very grateful to have worked with lots of entrepreneurs and look forward to working with more in the future.

Greg Tindale – The Tindale Team